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Cook County Board Race Available!

Go to the Poll Questions and you will see that you can vote in the Cook County Board president Race Poll.

Gov. Race Poll Now Available!

Are you tired of always seeing the same polls but not being able to vote in them? Are you tired of waiting day after day for the results of a poll? Well go to the page called Poll Questions and there is a poll for the governor's race. Please vote in it and I will keep announcing the results of the poll every day. The poll will continue on until November 6th, the day before Election Day.


                                                                          Jacob Schulz
New E-mail Address!
Now if you want to e-mail me you can at
Jake's Chicago Politics is finally up!
I am so happy to announce that you can finally search up Jake's Chicago Politics under the Podcast Directory in Itunes.  Please check them out and let me know what you think.

Welcome to the homepage of Jake's Chicago Politics Podcast. The podcast is up on itunes. If you don't have itunes then the url for the podcast is

Our Goal

The purpose of Jake's Chicago Politics Podcast is to deliver the truth about what's going on in Chicago Politics.


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