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As of October 2006

Todd Stroger Is Going Broke

As reported Todd Stroger needs $100,000 to keep his campaign on a good track so that when he starts airing his commercials he can keep them on. William Beavers, "Stroger's Mentor" says that since they know  Blagojevich has the money they want him to help them out. Beavers said that Democrats need to help Democrats out. When Blagojevich was first elected Becaers called him a one-termer governor. Blagojevich siad that he plans on helping out all Democrats who need it by sending them volunteers and financial resources.

 Latest Chicago Politics Poll Results:

(Green) Rich Whitney: 57.3%

(GOP) Judy Baar Topinka:27.0%

(Dem) Rod Blagojevich:9.0%

Other: 6.7%

Latest Jake's Chicago politics poll 10/14/06:

(Green) Rich Whitney: 52.5%
(GOP) Judy Baar Topinka:33.3%
(Dem) Rod Blagojevich: 7.1%
Other: 7.1%
Note: You can only vote once and you have until October 21,2006.

Gov Poll Results So Far

Ramussen Results:

Blagojevich 49%
Topinka 43%
Whitney 3%
Undecided 5%

Chicago Tribune Results:
Blagojevich 43%
Topinka 29%
Whitney 9%
Undecided 19%

Jakes Chicago Politics Results: Note: You can still vote in this poll until October 21.
Rich Whitney 63.3%
Judy Baar Topinka 26.7%
Blagojevich 6.7%

Top Blagojevich Fundraiser Indicted

Tony Rezko a top fundraiser for Gov. Blagojevich has been indicted for trying to collect millions of dollars in kickbacks from seeking state business. He is scheduled to show up to court next week.

Todd Stroger Not Looking Too Good In The Polls

There was a poll released by the Peraica camp saying that peraica was leading the race 48-40. That is the largest gap Peraica has had over Stroger. Stroger says that he takes that poll with a grain of salt.

Bobbie Steele And Danny Davis Show Their Support For Todd Stroger

At a rall called Women for Stroger at Liberty Baptist Chucrch Interim Cook County Board President Bobbie Steele and Congressman Danny Davis dropped by to show their support for Todd Stroger.

Madigan Roars At Blagojevich

Lisa Madigan has accused Gov. Rod Blagojevich of possibly impeding a federal hiring probe by paying two outside law firms more than 1.3 million dollars to conduct an investigation of past hiring practices. Blagojevich's spokeswoman said that they think this is good to make sure that the state's hiring system is going the way it should be.

Shirley Coleman's Friend Dresses Up House With Investor Money

Tracy Williams has been accused of using California Home Investor Money on her house. Apparently a group of people from California were interested in establishing some property in the Englewood neighborhood. Well they reportedly gave $500,000 to Williams who was supposed to buy city owned vacant lots with the money for the investors. Instead she hired an interior decorator Tracy Williams who is also her best friend hired and/or her church to work on the house. Well there is a lawsuit now in progress against Williams.

Dennis Hastert Under Fire II

Reports are now saying that Hastert was notified a while back about the Mark Foley Scandal but did not take enough action towards it. Election Day is November 7.

Dennis Hastert Under Fire

Lately Speaker of The House Dennis Hastert has been under fire for the Mark Foley investigation. Some people are saying that Hastert knew about the electronic messages that Foley sent to teenage male pages. Hastert has repeatedly said that he didn't know until Friday when it was reported on ABC News.

As of September 2006

City Council Committee Wants To Ban Air Guns

After a fatal shooting of a 14 year old boy in the Cabrini Green Projects some City Council memebrs wants to pass an ordinance banning people under 18 from buying air guns. This includes Pellet and B B Guns.The reason is because police officers get confused when seeing someone with this. That was the case in which a police officer thought the 14 year old had a real gun. They said if this ordinance is passed then this means that any minor caught with an air gun would have to pay a fine of $500 or $1000 and serve community the service. the parents would also have do communtiy service. Councilmen are saying that air guns are like real guns because they can do harm.

Democratic Candidate For State Treasurer Alexi Gianoulias Related To Mob?

Alexi Gianoulias' family owns Broadway Bank which some reports say has mob ties. Apparently Broadway Bank gave multi-million dollar loans to a mob affiliate who ran prostitution and gambling rings.Gianoulias at the time the Senior Loan Officer. Republican Candidate Christine Radogno wants Gianoulias to tell the truth.

Todd Stroger Drops Nichols

Todd Stroger made an announcment saying that if he is elected Cook County Board President then he will ask Gerald Nichols to resign as patronage chief. Reports say that Nichols is a close time friend to the Stroger Family and served as a special assistant to Fmr. Cook County Board President John Stroger. Nichols was making over $100,000 a year. Interim Cook County Board President Bobbie Steele says that she has no clue what exactly Gerald Nichols is supposed to do.

Seymour Simon Dies at 91

Seymour Simon went from a Chicago Alderman to a Cook County Board President to a Justice on the Illinois Supreme Court. He was regularly called a "Progressive Democrat" who spoke what he thought was right. He died of cancer and will be deeply missed.

Todd Vs Tony II

Cook County Board President Candidates Tony Peraica(R) and Todd Stroger(D) had a debate where Todd started firing back. Todd started calling Peraica a right wing extremist. He said that Tony Peraica will help keep more guns on the streets and stop women from having abortion. Todd kept focusing on the social issues. However Peraica said that Todd was just trying to distract everyone from the real problems. The Cook County Board President doesn't have control over all of those social issues except for the abortion issue. Peraica said that he won't stop the Cook County Hospitals from serving abortions. Peraica also attacked Stroger on every mistake that his father made when he was president. Election day is November 7.

Judy VS Rod

Lately Judy Baar Topinka(R) candidate for governor has been atacking Rod Blagojevich(D) candidate for governor because of the $1,500 that he received from a man who's wife he gave a state job to just days earlier. She says that Rod has been hiding so that he won't deal with any of the press. Also at the Hothouse there was a forum where Cook County Board Candidates Tony Peraica and Todd Stroger had a debate and Judy arrived there but was left without an opponent.

Bill "Dock" Walls Claims Olympic Stadium in Washington Park Was His Idea

Mayoral candidate Bill "Dock" Walls reported to the Chicago defender that Mayor Daley stole his idea to put the olympic stadium in Washington Park. Apparently Walls has had the idea on his website since August. He says that until he gets some kind of proof that Daley thought about it before August. No comment has been made from Daley or a Daley Spokesperson.

Todd VS Tony

This comes from a Chicago tribune Article where both candidates talked about their stance on the issues concerning government. Todd Stroger kept trying to say that Peraica was an extremist Right Wing Conservative and said that he doesn't support abortion or gay rights. Peraica said that he wouldn't try to do anything to hurt the rights of gay people. He also wouldn't ban the procedure of abortion from the hospitals. he said that there would be an abortion course that a woman could choose to take to change her mind of getting an abortion. However Todd was trying to divert the attention away from all of the corruption his father put the Cook County Government in. Todd Stroger also won't promise that he won't raise taxes. However Peraia said he wouldn't raise taxes and would find ways to spend the money sufficiently.

Rod Blagojevich Gets Hammered By The Media

When asked where have you been, Blagojevich told reporters that he was traveling around the state doing various activities. Then he was aked about the $1500 check given to his daughter as a birthday gift. he said that he can't really recall who the gift was given to and said that it could've been given to her daughter who was being christened around the same time. The news reporters however didn't all of a sudden become nice and let him know that it was given to his daughter as a birthday gift and they want to know why. He wouldn't answer the question fully.

Olympic Stadium in Washington Park?

Mayor Daley stood up at a podium in Washington Park(on the city's southside)and said he would like to buid the stadium there. It would raise the property value of the eneighborhood especially since a lot of rejuvenating is already taking place in that area. It also would create more jobs and better business for the businesses in the area. Some people just don't want to lose the park.

State Treasurer Poll is close

Another Sun-Times Poll:


(Dem) Alexander Gianoulias: 36%

Don't Know:36%

(Rep)Christine Radogno:23%

(Green)Dan Rodriguez:2%



Peraica isn't doing well in Poll

This was a poll taken by the Chicago Sun-Times:


(Dem)Todd Stroger: 52%


(Rep)Tony peraica: 19%

Don't Know 3%


Topinka Way Down In The Polls

In a Sun Times Poll for the Governor Race here were the results:


(Dem)Rod Blagojevich: 56%

(Rep)Judy Baar Topinka:26%


(Green) Rich Whitney: 3%



Daley Has Tremendous Lead In Polls

The Sunday issue of the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Mayor Richard M. Daley has a huge lead in the polls for mayor. They say that it looks like he is going to have to face a runoff and then win the election from there. Here are the results and some of the people in the poll are just possible candidates.


Mayor Daley: 48%

Jesse Jackson Jr.: 19%

Don't Know:16%

Luis Guitierrez: 10%

Dorothy Brown:3%

Bill "Dock" Walls: 2%

James Meeks:1%



Person Assaulted At John Stroger Jr. Hospital By A Security Guard

A man went to Cook County Hospital to get checked up on because of horrific back pains. He says that he had surgery on his back which kepth him from standing in line. Well a security guard there pushed him which hurt the man's back. There will be a lawsuit and the security guard has been suspended.


Big Box Ordinance Not Over Yet

Ald. Joe Moore has spoken to the press and said that this is not over. The leaders of the ordinance say that since Daley wouldn't approve of it and neither will all of the aldermen then there will be some big changes in this upcoming Mayoral Election. They say that there will be new aldermen and a new mayor in February of 07.  They also said that they will revise the plan by making it so it applies to all stores that are 200,000 Square Feet or More. Meanng that it will also affect small buisnesses.


Obama for President in '08?

On 9/14/06 Comptroller Dan Hynes held a news conference discussing a letter that he wrote to Senator Barack Obama for a possible candidacy for the U.S. White House. Hynes mentioned that the speech Obama gave at the Democratic National Convention showed to everyone that Obama was not just any ordinary politician. The latest from Obama is that he has no plans to run for President in 2008.


Rod Blagojevich Is Under Investigation and A Worker for Jesse White Has Been Indicted!

This is the latest news on both Jesse White and Rod Blagojevich. Apparently Governor Rod Blagojevich is under investigation for his hiring Practices. Stay tuned to Jake's Chicago Politics for the latest info on Rod Blagojevich. To read about the Jesse White scandal please access the two links below and go to


City Council Failed To Override The Big Box Ordinance Veto

Mayor Daley was able to convince some aldermen to switch over and to supprot him. he says that he supports a minimun wage increase that is made as a state or federal law. creating Controversy was created by a Democrat who supports Peraica. The Title of the homepage says Democrats,Republicans and Independents for Peraica. Then below it talks about all of the corruption that Todd and his father have been involved in. There are also some pictures comparing him to Urkel from Family Matters. Someone told Bishop Larry Trotter who is now speaking out against it. Todd Stroger and everyone on his campaign would like for it all to come down. A spokesman for Peraica says that their campaign has nothing to do with that website and said that the only website that they are affiliated with is


Fmr. Gov. George Ryan May Lose His $197,000 a Year State Pension

Since Fmr. Gov. George Ryan has been sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison he is at risk of losing his paycheck. Lisa Madigan sent a 25 Page Legal opinion to The General Assembly Retirement System of Illinois. She basically said that the money Ryan is receiving now is for his duties as Secretary of State and Governor (which is when he took millions of dollars in government money and used it on himself, family and friends and also why he has been sentenced to 6 1/2 years of jail).The General Retirement Assembly of Illinois will make a decision soon and if they do eliminate Ryan's pension then he will have a hearing before them.


New Chicago Tribune Poll Says There Are More Illinois Democrats Than Ever Before

In the 2/13/06 edition of the Chicago tribune there was a poll that asked people what party do they see themselves affiliated with. These are the results:

43% Democrat



5% Other or did not answer


Mayor Daley Vetoes Big Box Ordinance

-During a City Council meeting today 9/11/06 the Big Box Ordinance was voted on. Well Mayor Daley vetoed the bill saying that this would drive out all kinds of big buisnesses from Chicago.

-There are plans to try to override the veto. Two aldermen have already switched sides to agree with Daley.


Former Governor George Ryan was sentenced to 61/2 years in prison. Ryan is 72 years old.


Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool does not support Todd Stroger for President of The Cook County Board.


-Claypool says that he is not supporting Stroger neither is he supporting Republican challenger Peraica.


-Todd Stroger says that he plans on meeting with Forrest Claypool and trying to convince Claypool to vote for him.


Topinka starts to air ads against Blagojevich.

In Topinka's ads she says that she will boost the education funding and try to stop the skyrocketing property values.


Alderman Isaac Carothers Vs. Reverend Marshall Hatch?


-29th Ward Alderman Carothers reportedly told the Chicago Sun-Times that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was "a do nothing congressman with 'an ego as big as this building and aspiring to be king of the world". He made those comments after Jackson said that he is putting up a committee to run for Mayor in '07.


-Jackson called up Reverend Hatch and told him to consider running again against Carothers.

Carothers is outraged that Jackson would do such a thing.Rev. Hatch believes that there should be a change in the 29th Ward but has not made it official whether or not he will run again.
Cong. Jesse Jackson Jr. is looking for a mayoral commitee for a possible '07 run for mayor.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. held a Press Conference outside of his house saying that he is exploring for a committee for a possible run in '07.