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9/14/06 Fundraiser
Hello everyone I just wanted to make a note saying that I am trying to raise $150 to upgrade my podcasting equipment. This will be used to just pay for the product and shipping. This will not just benefit me but benefit you the listener because I would like to improve the quality of my podcasts to make more enjoyable for you. So if you can please help me out in putting the word out in an improved way. Suggested donation is $10
One way you can contribute is by e-mailing me your feedback. When you e-mail me your feedback it helps me improve the show's quality.
The second way you can contribute is by sending in comments about current news issues. That way other people can hear what other listeners are thinking.
The third and final way you can contribute is by making a generous donation to Jake's Chicago Politics that way I can pay the fee to stay on the air.
If you want to send feedback,comments,etc,etc then e-mail me at
To make a generous donation then click on the link below.