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Welcome to the official homepage of Jay Dee's Blues Revue!

If you are new to the Blues world or if you have been into the Blues for as long as you can remember then I would suggest that you take a good look at this website. This is where you can find Blues New and actually learn more about the Blues! Jay dee however doesn't just stop here, he has his own Blues podcast called Jay Dee's Blues Revue which you can find on Itunes. Keep the Blues Alive!

March 23,2006
Piano C. Red was shot in the spine which paralyzed him from the legs down. Apparently someone was trying to steal his car and he thought that they were just playing but unfortunately they weren't. Our thoughts and prayers go to Piano C. Red as he still plays the blues the best way he can.

March 7,2006
Matt Lawley is the Featured Artist of The Week!

March 2,2006 Willie Kent passes away
Read more about it in Blues News.

February 14,2006
Jay Dee's second podcast is up which reccomends the album Dream Shoes by Katherine Davis and discusses what falls into the category of the Blues.

February 10,2006
Jay Dee's Blues Revue is finally has it's own podcast on Itunes. If you want to know how too listen then

go here

Do you have any images that has to do with the Blues? Well if you do and you would like to share them then you should e-mail Jay Dee at

Keep The Blues Alive!

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