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March 7,2006
Matt Lawley: Blues Guitarist/Vocalist
Matt Lawley was Born in Bay Area, California during the year of 1989.While growing up his father inspired him to play the guitar.As soona s he started playing the guitar he started listening to Jimi Hendrix. Lawley was amazed at how good Hendrix could play the guitar, so he decided to discover who influenced Hendrix. The people that had the most influence on Hendrix were Blues Legends Howlin' Wolf, Elmore James, Robert Johnson, B.B. King,Jimmy Reed, and Muddy Waters. The influences on Hendrix also had an influence on Lawley. He began to like to develop an interest into the Blues. Currently Lawley can be found playing the Blues at Blues Blubs around the Bay Area. As of right now he is trying to a Blues/Classic Trio. He says that the trio should be going in a month or two. Once he gets his trio started he also hopes to start recording and selling music that you can buy. As of right now you can find him and listen to his music on Myspace at Outside of the Blues Lawley likes to relax, hang out with friends and Let The Good Times Roll!
February 13,2006
Katherine Davis: Blues Vocalist

Dream Shoes by Katherine Davis

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